Bitihorn at Romsdalseggen

The last months has been passing by like a Japanese express train, superfast. For those who follow me on social media, or to say Instagram know that I went on a trip with Norrøna to Molde 1,5 weeks ago. I thought I would share some of the pictures I took during our hike at Romsdalseggen the last day.

So we were shooting the new Bitihorn collection for summer 2018, if you like something you see you just got to wait a few month before you can buy it.

The days are usually very long when we are out shooting these kind of things so I’m sorry Im not updating concurrently with the shoot. Anyways it was me, Chris, Nikolai, Kristine, Asbjørn and Guliano walking around in the mountains this time. When we got to  the beginning of the route it was crowded with people so we decided to take it cool and wait for a few hours before we went up. We made some coffee, Nikolai did some posing and Guliano did som running. I’m glad to hang out with these people because no matter the situation everyone is in a good mode and you always have something to talk about. Great team, great time and furthermore a great life I believe.

Then we went up a bit, took some product shots and looked cool 😎  Guliano did the hard work running and Niko and Chris creating the content. Then when we walked the long way down ( the trail never ended haha) but the sky turned pink so everything is forgiven.

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