double backflip

My last day of skiing in Revelstoke turned out to be one of the best ones. As the forecast said it would be a bluebird powder day our expectations were set heigh. Although all of us know that the forecast haven't been correct lately and its more likely that a snowstorm/clouds will stick to the mountain. And when we got up the peak was clogged in. Me and Felix have been discussing the double backflip during the season, he tried it one time a few weeks ago but couldn't stop it then. So we decided to go back to the kicker, reshape it and give it a go. I'm glad I did convince myself to do it, damn that jump was huge and instead of trying just a regular backflip at first I went for the double directly, which worked out quite good. Third attempt I managed to stomp it and as you can hear on the video It made me so so so happy. It's not that many girls out there that has stomped a double backflip in backcountry. The only one I know is Tatum, do you guys know anyone else? 



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