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Trying to keep my mind of the fact that I got a parking-fine at my first day in school ..with some wake pictures from home.. So I payed 16 euro for 1,5 hour just to attend the lecture, and since William was sick I said that I could take the car so he did not have to look after it during that time. The lecture was so inspiring and I was in a really happy mode. The bank called to make the last settings for my new bank account as I'm transferring my company into a limited liability company instad of a sole proprietorship, they were happy so I was just as happy getting everything through. As I'm happily walking out to my car I can se the parking-man-guard-whaterver so I'm running to my car. I'm 4 minutes late, FOUR. He places the yellow ticket onto my car, does not say a word, and leaves. 60 euro fine for less than 4 minutes, it really sucks.

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