recap of my winter, spring and summer.

Wow, Its been a while since I last posted here. To be honest instagram stories have been taking over this forum, but I thought that some text once in a while could be fun, so here we go again.

I've had the winter of my life in Revy, a magical spring in Åre, Riskgränsen, Engelberg and Kitzteinhorn and a fantastic start of the summer in Sweden. I've finished my second year at university and will move top Oslo in a month or so. Me and William will finally get access to our apartment in Jönköping that we bought two years ago, but will lease it out until I move back next spring for my final bachelor thesis. Can't really express how much I feel like I'm over school, don't get me wrong, I like the education. But I feel like I've learnt the basics now and instead of being in school getting taught abut "the social media topic" I search google for tutorials, advanced digital marketing courses and more specific knowledge I feel like is more important for my future career. Love the new field within digital marketing and strategies so I feel like I learn more on my own nowadays.

I went to Oslo this weekend to shoot some base layers at Norrøna and then took the bus down to Tanum and went to my summer house. the weather has not been fantastic but its like balm for the soul just breathing the salty air here and swim naked during the brightest days of the year.

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